FliteTest Trumps – a DIY card game

FliteTest Thread

The BETA Version is ready for download!
You are very welcome to supply us with any feedback you want, including suggestions for changes or requests for new features.

Current Status

  • A redesign of the JOKER Cards will come with the non-BETA version

General Information

Design & Drawing by Airc Pirates
Photos created by FliteTest and the FliteTest Community


  • 1 General information card
  • 1 Game instructions card
  • 6 JOKER cards
  • 40 FliteTest airplane cards
  • 20 FliteTest Community airplane cards
  • 1 card box

This is the basic game. More cards will be available trough downloadable extension packages in the future.

How to
Use the duplex function of your printer or print the front and back sides individually and glue them together. Then cut out the cards from the front.
Print the card box, cut it out and glue it together.

Game Instructions (2-6 players)

Getting started
The cards are shuffled and dealt out equally, face down, to all players. Using the cards, players form a pile that should be kept hidden from the other players. The JOKER cards are also shuffled. Each player receives one of them, which is placed face down on the table.

Each card contains ten specifications. The starting player looks at the top card of his pile and calls out one of the ten specifications plus its corresponding data value. The card is then placed in the middle of the table. The other players then call out the data values of the chosen specification from their own top cards and place them alongside the first card. The player with the highest data value wins the turn and receives all cards on the table. The winner places the cards at the bottom of his/her pile and starts the next round. In case of a tie, players with the highest point values play a final round. The winner receives all cards on the table.

JOKER cards
Instead of an airplane card, players can use their JOKER card. The JOKER card beats all other cards, but can only be used at the beginning of a turn, or if the corresponding specification has already called out. The card is then removed from the game.

Winning the game
The last player to have cards in his/her hand wins the game.

Have fun playing this card game!

Ninsei & Tomadai

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