FliteTest Air Combat – a DIY card game

Ist in Arbeit! Hier die englischsprachige Version:

FliteTest Thread

The BETA Version is ready for download!
You are very welcome to supply us with any feedback you want, including suggestions for changes or requests for new features.

Current Status

  • Atm the design of cards and game-boards is not final and meant for testing purposes
  • In the final version engine values will be reduced to Motor KV
  • There will be two sets of cards available, one using the imperial and one using the metric system

General information

Design & Drawing by Airc Pirates
Photos created by FliteTest and the FliteTest Community

The FliteTest Air Combat Card Game is all about ACTION! Try to defeat your opponent in a duel in the sky using the planes of the entire FliteTest world. With a great strategy and a little bit of luck, you turn the cards of your opponent into yours. The cards show planes made of FliteTest Foam Board. More FliteTest Community plane cards will be available trough downloadable AddOn packages in the future. Every card has a unique plane name and some data – especially four values: wingspan, motor, all up weight and center of gravity.


  • 1 General information card
  • 1 Game instructions card
  • 6 Sky cards
  • 40 FliteTest plane cards
  • 3 Skies (3×3 | 4×4 | 5×5)

Game Instructions (2 players)

Getting started
First you build a deck from your own cards and your oponent does the same with his cards. Every player needs at least 20 plane cards. You can put FliteTest planes as well as FT Community planes (Add On) in your deck. But you are only allowed to have each plane in your deck once. Or you shuffle all plane cards and deal them out equally, face down, to you and your oponent. The game consists of an sky (game board) on which plane cards are played. The card piles of each player are held at the hangar of each player in which the deck and the discarded cards are placed. Choose a sky and distribute your choice of sky cards in the sky fields. Shuffle your deck and put it face down on the corresponding field in your hangar on the gameboard. Draw three cards to your hand. This is your starting hand. Your oponent does the same. The younger player begins.

At the beginning of your turn draw one card from your deck to your hand. Then you play a plane card with its name in your reading direction on a free field of the sky. Plane cards that are in your own reading direction are owned by you. Plane cards that are in reading direction of your opponent are the opponent‘s cards. If you play a card on a free field bordering to none of your opponent’s cards, you occupied it without a duel. If you play a card on a free field bordering to one of your opponents cards, a duel starts. At a duel you compare the values that face each other. The card with the lower value loses and is rotated by 180°. This card is now owned by the winner of the duel. If it is a draw, the player who just played the plane card wins. If you put a plane card, which is bordering to more than one of your oponents cards, you have to start at least one of the possible duels. After that you may decide wheter you want to do further duels in your turn with the card just played. A plane card that was rotated after a duel does not trigger further duels. At the end of your turn you may put one card face up from your hand on your discard pile to draw a new card from your deck. Now it‘s your opponents turn. When all fields of the sky are occupied at the end of the last turn, the game ends.

Winning the game
The player that owns most plane cards in the sky wins the match.

Have fun playing this card game!

Ninsei & Tomadai

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