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FliteTest Thread

Build Plan for Flite Test Water-Resistant Foam Board by Adams or other Foam Boards with a thickness of 3/16 (5 mm – Ross, …)

General Information (Drawing Key and Parts List)

AP_Godai_Info.pdf (770 downloads)

Plan Sections – Full Size

AP_Godai_Plan_A_Full.pdf (770 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_BA_Full.pdf (609 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_BB_Full.pdf (786 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_BC_Full.pdf (649 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_CA_Full.pdf (702 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_CB_Full.pdf (701 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_CC_Full.pdf (735 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_D_Full.pdf (749 downloads)

Plan Sections – Tiled Letter

AP_Godai_Plan_A_Tiled_Letter.pdf (521 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_BA_Tiled_Letter.pdf (404 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_BB_Tiled_Letter.pdf (360 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_BC_Tiled_Letter.pdf (369 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_CA_Tiled_Letter.pdf (403 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_CB_Tiled_Letter.pdf (351 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_CC_Tiled_Letter.pdf (348 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_D_Tiled_Letter.pdf (400 downloads)

Plan Sections – Tiled A4

AP_Godai_Plan_A_Tiled_A4.pdf (654 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_BA_Tiled_A4.pdf (583 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_BB_Tiled_A4.pdf (566 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_BC_Tiled_A4.pdf (593 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_CA_Tiled_A4.pdf (620 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_CB_Tiled_A4.pdf (573 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_CC_Tiled_A4.pdf (543 downloads)
AP_Godai_Plan_D_Tiled_A4.pdf (542 downloads)

Have fun building the Godai!
If you like the Godai please consider donating a few bucks so we can buy some supplies to make new planes.


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